Visioning and Strategic Planning


Curriculum Guideline Two

When implementing visioning and strategic planning, court leaders, future commissions, and staff draw upon proven principles, methods, and techniques.  They and others they oversee use the most appropriate visioning and strategic planning tools.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of visioning, futures thinking, and foresight, including trends, scenarios, visions, and strategies, and how to apply them in court settings;

  • Knowledge of prior court futures projects, their successes, and shortcomings;

  • Ability to identify the court’s mandates and to assess their long term implications on the court and justice system;

  • Skill in assessing court stakeholder needs and expectations through direct contact, focus groups, and surveys;

  • Knowledge of strategic planning principles and techniques, and their best uses in court settings;

  • Knowledge of the technology and software that can support and help structure court improvement through visioning and strategic planning;

  • Skill in establishing formal mechanisms for monitoring trends and anticipating their potential implications for  the court’s strategic direction;

  • Knowledge of statistical and analytical tools such as forecasting, environmental scanning, scenario construction, and related research techniques including descriptive and inferential statistics;

  • Knowledge of how to gather and to use data in court settings and to project and assess important environmental trends for courts;

  • Skill in applying available local, state, and federal data to court visioning and strategic planning;

  • Ability to assess the court’s capacity (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to respond to current and likely future demands and expectations;

  • Ability to focus on both the court’s strategic direction and day-to-day problems.

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