Visioning and Strategic Planning

Organizational Foundations

Curriculum Guideline Three

The court must have the capacity to produce a long-term strategic direction built through an inclusive and collaborative visioning and planning process.  Adequate organizational foundation produces understanding and commitment about what the court, their justice partners, and the community wish to achieve, how they will do it, andwhen.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability and willingness to lead the court and the justice system;

  • Ability to form and sustain court leadership executive teams to exert the leadership that gives courts vitality and organizational cohesion;

  • Ability to develop a cadre of judges and staff who are competent in visioning, strategic planning, and project implementation;

  • Ability to communicate the purpose, focus, and scope of visioning and strategic planning for the court, the justice system, and the community;

  • Ability to educate judges and others about the “why” of visioning and strategic planning; the risks and costs in time and dollars; the benefits of these processes; and the required time, energy, and other resources and their current availability;

  • Skill in obtaining needed resources and in leveraging existing resources to initiate and to sustain visioning and strategic planning;

  • Ability to critically assess court readiness for change with respect to both the technical and human sides of change and transition;

  • Skill in engaging the effective and appropriate mix of judicial, political, and community leaders and standing, ad hoc, and new committees in visioning and strategic planning;

  • Skill in selecting the appropriate mix of staff and clearly defining the responsibilities and roles of the staff and the court’s committees and work groups;

  • Knowledge of effective group processes and their necessity if court visioning and strategic planning are to succeed and to promote teamwork and to maintain continuity between work teams and planning sessions;

  • Ability to manage visioning and strategic planning, including initiating and agreeing on the process, creating steering committees, maintaining resource commitments and momentum, and the implementation plan and monitoring;

  • Ability to maintain top leadership visibility, understanding, and participation in visioning and strategic planning processes and implementation.

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