Visioning and Strategic Planning

Change and Alignment

Curriculum Guideline Four

Visioning and Strategic Planning facilitate change; link visioning, planning, and action; and move the court, its judges, staff, and their justice partners in a common direction toward shared commitments.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to align day-to-day activities and the court’s strategic direction, and to sequence improvement activities;

  • Ability to solicit community and court stakeholder and staff feedback on completed and planned work;

  • Ability to help court insiders and outsiders understand how needed changes will impact them;

  • Skill in communicating the court’s vision and plans to the print and electronic media;

  • Skill in involving the community and building its understanding of the court’s vision and strategic plans;

  • Ability to monitor the court’s progress toward achieving goals and outcome-based measures as well as being able to take corrective action if needed;

  • Ability to use existing court and justice system committees and work groups to achieve long-term goals;

  • Knowledge of organizational change and project management dynamics and their application to court visioning and strategic planning;

  • Ability to make clear what is expected during and after change and to reward achievement and effort and to align performance and rewards;

  • Ability to inspire others (e.g., judges, staff, diverse court coalitions) to work together both to achieve the court’s vision as well as to implement the shared vision.

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