Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts


Curriculum Guideline Four

Courts must be accountable.  Accountability provides the rationale for court control of the pace of litigation, the tracking of case disposition times, and adherence to law and judicial decisions in individual cases.  The judiciary establishes and maintains its boundaries, but it also assesses and reports on its performance, its use of public resources, and its conformance with its assigned responsibilities and the law.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to design court structure, programs, processes, and daily operations consistent with the purposes and responsibilities of courts, public needs, and the court’s internal and external integrity and accountability;

  • Ability to articulate why the courts and  their programs exist;

  • Ability to find ways to broaden access to justice, to increase the fairness and efficiency of the system, and to decrease public dissatisfaction with the courts;

  • Knowledge of our multicultural society, differing cultures, and the public’s understanding of and satisfaction with the courts;

  • Ability to make courts more understandable, accessible, and fair through application of hardware and software;

  • Ability to bring everyday judicial administration and case management in line with the purposes of courts, equal protection, due process, and the public’s right to timely and affordable justice;

  • Knowledge of why judicial decisions must be carried out as ordered;

  • Ability to deliver on the promise of the rule of law, equal protection, due process, and respect for all individuals, at the counter, on the phone, electronically, and at the bench and the bar of the court;

  • Ability to develop and use appropriate standards and measures of court performance and to assess and report on court performance internally, to funding authorities, the public, and the media;

  • Ability to align court performance, court structure, court operations, and court processes with court purposes.

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