Be Credible In Action

Curriculum Guideline One

Effective court executives are action and results oriented.  They understand themselves and demonstrate personal integrity. Judicial insiders and outsiders know what successful court leaders believe in and what they will do.  They are transparent.  Clearly court leaders without technical skills are not credible. Just as clearly, however, character, trustworthiness, honesty, accountability, and ethics create credibility, regardless of the court leaders brainpower or technical skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, accountability, ethics, and integrity in one’s actions;

  • Knowledge of one’s strengths and limitations;

  • Knowledge of codes of conduct including judicial and court manager codes in relevant federal, state, and local jurisdictions; the National Association for Court Management Model Code of Conduct; the model code for court managers developed by the American Judicature Society; the ABA Canons of Judicial Ethics for judges; and the ABA Code of Professional Conduct for lawyers;

  • Knowledge of ethical issues and legal regulations when dealing with legal, personnel, and human resource issues, contracting, purchasing, and the management of court funds;

  • Skill in projecting competence and professionalism;

  • Ability to maintain objectivity, neutrality, and freedom from bias of any type toward any group or individual;

  • Skill in clear, direct, and consistent communication;

  • Ability to model desired behaviors; and

  • Knowledge of personal values, how these values and personal style impact others who work in and around the courts, and how values and style set the culture and tone of the court.

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