Create Focus Through Vision and Purpose

Curriculum Guideline Two

Without vision, people and organizations stagnate.  More courts fail from a disconnect from fundamental court purposes than from a lack of resources, technical knowledge, or even effort.  Effective court leaders understand that vision and purpose are critical and practical.  Strategic plans and initiatives are created, communicated, understood, and implemented.  Resources are concentrated on critical priorities.   Leaders use the power of their office to motivate and to focus individual and departmental contributions to courts and court systems.  They allow, require, and inspire individuals to contribute to the judiciary’s enduring missions and values.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts;

  • Ability to work with others to create a clear vision and sense of purpose for the court, its departments, and employees;

  • Ability to communicate strategic intent, vision, and sense of purpose for the court and establish and execute action plans that reflect that vision;

  • Ability to forecast future needs and conditions of the court and to think in the long term;

  • Ability to analyze political and social trends and to anticipate their impact on court resource needs and operations;

  • Knowledge of how to integrate short-term objectives into longer-term strategic plans;

  • Ability to prioritize and to focus and concentrate individuals and resources on the most critical court needs;

  • Skill in recognizing, communicating with, and motivating judges, administrative staff, attorneys, and others on whom the court depends to achieve its objectives; and

  • Ability to communicate court mission, goals, and vision and to build deserved public trust and confidence in the judiciary.

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