Manage Interdependencies:  Work Beyond the Boundaries

Curriculum Guideline Three

Judicial independence requires effective management and coordination of the court’s interdependencies with the executive and legislative branches and myriad public and private organizations in the interest of court performance and effective justice.  While judicial independence is essential to liberty and justice and while impartiality on a case-by-case basis must be absolute, active leadership of and collaboration with others, both inside and outside the court, is mandatory.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the basis for the judiciary’s assertions of judicial independence and inherent powers and their relationship to the ends of liberty, social order, due process, equal protection, and justice under law;

  • Ability to create coalitions for effective routines and needed change;

  • Ability to develop and foster system-wide cooperation including strong affirmative relationships between elected and appointed court leaders, the public and private bar, law enforcement agencies, and other private, local, and state based social service and justice providers;

  • Knowledge of the roles and resulting motives of actors in various subsystems inside and outside the court;

  • Skill in effective communication of court requirements and accomplishments to external authorities;

  • Skill and political awareness when working with executive and legislative funding authorities;

  • Ability to minimize turf battles without losing turf;

  • Knowledge of political and interpersonal skills relevant to the court’s negotiations and lobbying;

  • Ability to marshal resources and to establish collaborative programs and partnerships, both public and private; and

  • Skill in leading, surviving, and thriving in the face of conflicting mandates, ambiguous jurisdiction, and overlapping responsibilities.

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