Caseflow Management

Court Purposes and Vision

Curriculum Guideline One

Court leaders must understand court purposes and promote vision and action throughout the court and justice community organized around the impact caseflow management has on justice. Acceptable court performance is impossible without effective caseflow management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of he Purposes and Responsibilities of the Courts Curriculum Guidelines and how to apply them to caseflow management;

  • Knowledge of the Trial Court Performance Standards, particularly the Expedition and Timeliness and Equality, Fairness, and Integrity Standards;

  • Knowledge of the inherent powers of the court, which give courts the authority to set and enforce rules, including rules designed to improve case processing;

  • Knowledge of the adversarial system and the values it supports;

  • Knowledge of judicial and court manager ethics and their relevance to day-to-day caseflow management;

  • Knowledge of the independent responsibilities of the three branches of government and how interactions among the branches impact funding of caseflow management, timely pretrial, trial, and post-disposition case processing, and the enforcement of court orders.

  • Ability to conceive, build, communicate, and implement a clear vision and sense of purpose for the court and the justice system that incorporates caseflow and trial management;

  • Skill in developing, communicating, and using caseflow and trial management goals that flow from a court- and justice system-wide vision and mission;

  • Ability to translate vision into effective public communications, promotional material, procedural memoranda, and court rules to inform the public and the justice community about how caseflow management improves the quality of justice.

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