Caseflow Management

Change and Project Management

Curriculum Guideline Four

Courts must skillfully and continuously evaluate caseflow with qualitative information and data and statistics, identify problems, and successfully build support for implementing and managing change.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to forecast and anticipate societal and justice system changes and trends that will impact filings and case processing;

  • Knowledge of data needed for both continuous systemic evaluation and day-to-day caseflow management, and how to acquire and analyze needed data;

  • Skill in using statistics and objective data as well as anecdotal information when assessing CFM, drawing appropriate conclusions, and differentiating between causes and effects when identifying and diagnosing CFM problems and challenges;

  • Knowledge of basic strategic planning techniques including how to use statistics to draw appropriate conclusions about the current status and the future of the court’s caseflow and trial management system;

  • Ability to use data to inform and, as appropriate, to influence judges and others about what is and is not working, and to persuade the bench, staff, and justice system partners, when appropriate, of the need to make changes and the feasibility of proposed solutions;

  • Skill in mediation, conflict resolution, and creative problem solving when addressing caseflow management challenges and needed change;

  • Ability to stimulate action and funding support through appropriate comparisons and analyses, and to present data for maximum CFM impact, education, and information;

  • Knowledge of the change process, how to plan change, and how to apply sound project management principles and techniques to caseflow management;

  • Skill in managing CFM projects personally and through others, including those under and outside direct court control and supervision;

  • Ability to conceptualize, to gain funding, and to oversee court construction, court renovation, and office and office furniture upgrades which enhance caseflow management;

  • Skill in bringing about continuous evaluation with the understanding that caseflow problems are never solved once and for all.

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