Court Community Communication

Community Outreach

Curriculum Guideline Three

Court leaders must plan, create, develop, and implement effective and affordable community outreach and establish and maintain a free flow of information between the court and the public.  Court leaders not only educate and inform the public, they learn from and improve the court through community outreach.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the Trial Court Performance Standards,particularly those that relate to Access to Justice and Public Trust and Confidence;

  • Knowledge of the many communities served by the court, their perceptions of the court, and their needs;

  • Knowledge of successful community outreach in other courts;

  • Ability to assess a court’s need for diverse community outreach, the resources that are available and needed for outreach, and how to deploy available and needed resources;

  • Ability to bring together key people from diverse backgrounds to assist the court in a planning process designed to inform and improve the court and the justice system;

  • Ability to bring together judges, other court officials, and particular communities and neighborhoods to listen to concerns and to become better known and more knowledgeable about the people and communities the courts serve;

  • Skill in garnering support of the other court officials, executive and legislative leaders, and others for community outreach;

  • Skill in overseeing development and implementation of use of the Internet and interactive computer programs to interact and communicate with the public;

  • Ability to think creatively in developing targeted community outreach programming -- to update existing efforts and to develop new and promising approaches;

  • Ability to listen, assimilate, and process community input ;

  • Ability to turn constructive input and insight into positive changes.

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