Resources, Budget and Finance

Leadership and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Curriculum Guideline Three

To manage, court leaders must direct and oversee budget staff and the preparation, presentation, and management of court budgets.  They negotiate effectively with elected and appointed executive and legislative branch representatives and their staffs, forge consensus concerning the budget and resource allocation within the judiciary, while maintaining accountability and partnerships based on results, trust, honesty, and a positive managerial reputation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to lead the court and to work as a court executive leadership team to allocate, acquire, and manage the court’s resources in good and bad economic times;

  • Ability to forge, maintain, and manage a stable and qualified court financial management team and staff;

  • Ability to focus judges and staff on the court’s purposes, to build consensus about court priorities and funding needs, and to create teamwork among judges and court staff that supports resource allocation and effective resource acquisition;

  • Ability to engage judges and court staff in appropriate roles in budget planning, resource management, and cost control

  • Ability to see possibilities for joint programs and cost-sharing partnerships and to establish and maintain needed partnerships to further court objectives;

  • Ability to listen and respond effectively to the positions, preferences, and perspectives of others, both inside and outside the court, and to adjust to changing conditions;

  • Ability to communicate court accomplishments as well as court needs and budget requests, both inside and outside the court;

  • Skill in preparing, presenting, and advocating the court’s budget in writing and in person;

  • Ability to shape a court budget that is responsive and persuasive to court purposes and vision and executive and legislative branch decision-makers and their staff, including budget analysts;

  • Skill in marketing the court’s purposes, vision and plans, and, when necessary, the need for change, additional funding, or minimizing proposed budget reductions;

  • Ability to establish and maintain the court’s deserved reputation for honesty in budget presentations and requests, and its integrity in the allocation of and accounting for court resources.

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