Resources, Budget and Finance

Problem Diagnosis and Change

Curriculum Guideline Four

Budgeting and resource management and acquisition require anticipating, identifying, and diagnosing court problems; differentiating among problems with financial roots or causes and those having other origins; and working with others to address emerging and persistent court budget and finance problems.  This ensures that financial problem diagnosis is consistent with the purposes, vision, goals and long-term financial plan of the court.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to relate the identification and diagnosis of court budgetary and performance problems to court purposes and goals;

  • Skill in anticipating political and social trends and the public’s and funding authorities’ expectations, then acting on their implications for court workloads and resource needs;

  • Knowledge of environmental scanning and forecasting and how their application can help courts anticipate trends that will affect court costs, resource availability, court workloads (quantitatively and qualitatively), and community and political support;

  • Ability to differentiate among budgetary problems with high and low impacts on court performance or the cost of delivering court services;

  • Skill in defining court budget problems so that practical, action-oriented solutions are designed, accepted, and implemented;

  • Ability to generate and accurately assess the costs and benefits of alternative solutions to court budget issues and challenges;

  • Ability to resist premature problem closure and to marshal adequate personal and organizational attention to effective court budget problem diagnosis;

  • Skill in making persuasive resource requests that link problem identification and proposed solutions to impacts on the court’s performance.

  • Ability to assess the need for change in court programs, priorities, and resources,  to communicate effectively why and when change is needed, and to lead the change process.

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