Resources, Budget and Finance

Budget Controls and Performance Monitoring

Curriculum Guideline Six

Courts must have effective management controls to account for their use of public funds and measure the outcomes and outputs produced with the court’s budget.  Using this information, court leaders can document whether or not established program objectives were met, allocate existing resources, support requests for continued and new funding, and build public trust and confidence.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of and ability to oversee financial accounting of court expenditures of public funds;

  • Ability to implement a court-wide system for tracking fluctuations in appropriations and expenditures to ensure accurate and timely financial reports and timely budget transfers

  • Ability to identify reliable and valid indicators of court achievements to demonstrate the court’s performance and financial accountability;

  • Knowledge of evaluation methods and techniques and the differences between output, outcome, impact, efficiency, process, and effectiveness evaluation measures;

  • Ability to oversee tracking of expenditures and reliable revenue and expenditure projections, to stay informed, and to inform others about the policy and practical implications of expenditures and projections;

  • Ability to oversee development of clear, well-presented, and reliable reports on court expenditures and performance;

  • Ability to evaluate the trade-offs between in-house and contracted services and functions;

  • Ability to assess trade-offs among purchase, lease, and lease-to-purchase options for financing new court facilities, renovation projects, and major equipment purchases;

  • Ability to work in court executive leadership teams to adjust court programs and court spending to achieve fiscal and programmatic accountability.

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