Education, Training, and Development

Context and Vision

Curriculum Guideline One

Education, Training, and Development must prompt the judiciary’s enduring principles and take account of the forces shaping society and challenging the court.  When judicial branch education is aligned with the court’s purposes, responsibilities, and strategic vision, resources are better targeted, allocated, and managed.  Because courts are imbedded in an interdependent justice system, judicial branch education must include others on whom the courts depend to deliver justice.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to tie judicial branch education to the court’s social context, its purposes and responsibilities, and the court’s strategic vision;

  • Skill in ensuring that judicial branch education helps courts respond to its social context and to forces shaping the courts including: demographics and population shifts, science, technology, resource limitations, decreased public satisfaction and increased public expectations, the self-represented, different and expanded services, and resistance to change;

  • Knowledge of the NACM Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts Curriculum Guidelines and their application to Education, Training, and Development;

  • Knowledge of the Trial Court Performance Standards and their implications for judicial branch education;

  • Knowledge of and commitment to our multicultural society, differing cultures and standards, and community understanding and expectations of the courts;

  • Ability to promote diversity and to incorporate diversity in judicial branch education;

  • Ability to inspire and sustain courts as learning organizations, including support for cross-jurisdictional movement of talented staff;

  • Ability to extend judicial branch education to the other branches of government and their functioning departments with the goal of improved court and justice system performance and needed collaboration;

  • Ability to engender court policies and practices that support court performance excellence through judicial branch education.


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