Education, Training, and Development

Resource Development

Curriculum Guideline Two

Education, Training, and Development is essential for any organization.  Courts are not an exception.  Effective court leaders know how to advocate, justify, and acquire needed resources.  They understand that resources come from traditional budgetary processes and other sources.  As court leaders persuasively advocate for judicial branch education, they link quality judicial branch education to court performance and justice.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Skill in articulating how Education, Training, and Development contribute to court and justice system performance;

  • Skill in building and sustaining support for judicial branch education;

  • Skill in establishing judicial branch education programmatic and funding priorities;

  • Ability to present valid budget justifications for Education, Training, and Development;

  • Ability to obtain grant and other funding and education resources;

  •  Knowledge of internal and external education resources, including national and state judicial branch education providers and their respective strengths;

  • Knowledge of effective ways to develop judges and staff as teachers and mentors;

  • Skill in creating and developing the courts internal resources to deliver quality judicial branch education;

  • Ability to get federal, state, and local providers to focus on judicial branch education, the needs of the court, its departments, judges, and court staff;

  • Ability to collaborate with educators from other branches of government and adult education providers generally, in developing entrepreneurial partnerships and building judicial branch education resources;

  • Ability to communicate judicial branch outcomes and their benefits to funding sources and other branches of government.

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