Education, Training, and Development


Curriculum Guideline Five

Effective court leaders define and communicate expectations to produce desired behaviors, habits, and outcomes.  Through evaluation, both formal and informal, court leaders can assess and improve judicial branch education as a means to improved court and individual performance.  Competent evaluation helps courts develop and allocate resources.  Without meaningful evaluation, the courts’ ability to deliver quality judicial branch education is compromised.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of alternative evaluation processes and measures and how to apply them to judicial branch education;

  • Knowledge of outcome measures and evaluation methodologies and their application within adult learning arenas generally and with courts in particular;

  • Skill in overseeing the assessment of the relationship of judicial branch education and outcomes through, among other means, pre- and post-measurements of court performance;

  • Skill in ensuring that evaluation results are presented to appropriate decision makers in ways that are meaningful, interesting, and informative;

  • Ability to assess learner achievements and development through observation of behaviors;

  • Ability to compare different delivery mechanisms with performance outcomes;

  • Ability to develop and provide follow-up assessments;

  • Ability to develop and use both short-term and long-term outcome measures that assess Education, Training, and Development impacts on court performance.

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