Essential Components

Purpose, Role, and Vision

Curriculum Guideline One

Essential Components must be organized and managed in a way that is consistent with and contributes to the purposes, responsibilities, and role of the judiciary.  The court’s vision and strategic direction should comprehend and include its Essential Components.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the Purposes and Responsibilities of the Courts Curriculum Guidelines and how they apply to Essential Components;

  • Skill in articulating a preferred future for the court and the justice system that acknowledges and includes Essential Components;

  • Ability to design, manage, and evaluate Essential Components that is consistent with and supports the purpose and role of the judiciary;

  • Knowledge of the traditional, and evolving, role of judges regarding support services and programs;

  • Knowledge of the expanding role of the court from resolving disputes to problem solving by collaborating with other public agencies and the community to better serve litigants and provide justice;

  • Ability to monitor the trends generating the need for Essential Components and to respond to the trends that affect program and service expectations;

  • Knowledge of how race, ethnicity, and gender differences impact needed Essential Components and service levels;

  • Skill to use Essential Components to educate the public about the role and purpose of the judiciary and its performance;

  • Ability to manage Essential Components to strengthen rule of law, judicial independence and impartiality, equal protection, due process, judicial accountability, and public trust and confidence.

View the Summary of Essential Components Curriculum Guidelines or click on each of the five Curriculum Guidelines to see the associated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

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