Essential Components

Court Infrastructure

Curriculum Guideline Four

Court leaders must be able to acquire and effectively manage the court facilities and infrastructure within which the court operates.  This includes courthouse security and facilities, how they are used, and their environmental aspects.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of court facility design options and the impact of facilities on public perceptions, access, court performance, people flow, workflow continuity, and staff effectiveness;

  • Knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements regarding access and use of facilities;

  • Skill to direct and to assist program planners and architects in the design of court facilities;

  • Ability to determine the appropriate location of court services;

  • Knowledge of court facility financing alternatives;

  • Ability to identify alternative work practices and physical modifications to improve employee workplace ergonomics, safety, effectiveness, and performance;

  • Ability to modify business practices and physical characteristics of the workplace to avoid or alleviate court employee and judicial space concerns and issues;

  • Knowledge of security, including the courthouse and its perimeter, courtrooms, and other offices and how to work with others to maintain and improve courthouse and courtroom security and safety;

  • Knowledge of prisoner (adult and juvenile) transportation and detention issues as they affect case management, facility, and other needs;

  • Knowledge of court communication needs and alternative technologies available to meet them;

  • Ability to specify communication needs of the court for telecommunications, information technology, and court security to architects and contractors;

  • Ability to serve as an effective liaison to agencies outside the court supplying essential services to the court, such as personnel, fiscal and financial, purchasing, collections, or physical infrastructure and utilities;

  • Ability to develop and implement effective security, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans.

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