Available educational curricula can be researched through professional organizations found on our Links page.  Needed curricula for the Core Competencies is limited and, in some areas, almost non-existent.  NACM’s aim is to stimulate development of needed curricula and, obviously, educational programs which can improve court manager competence and the judiciary’s performance.

A detailed look at the educational cycle shows that the assessment process begins with critical review and discussion among court managers. The court manager audience and their learner needs (based on the KSAs) can be defined, using the structure of the Core Competencies. Specific learner needs can then targeted and prioritized to mesh with system-wide, organizational goals and impacts and become the organization’s immediate educational curriculum.

The assessment process is best facilitated with the help of professional educators, who provide expertise and objective advice about available curricula and program delivery.

Once assessment has been completed, courts and professional organizations must determine available resources, both financial or educational. Curricula are then formulated and refined to initiate needed education and training.