Service to the judicial branch is a public trust.

The foundation of our society rests, in part, on the ability of its citizens to wisely judge the value of our courts and to acknowledge the integrity of the judiciary as a coequal branch of our government. Court professionals, who work for the judicial branch and are faithful to these values, must be accountable to that trust. Therefore, the National Association for Court Management has developed a Model Code of Conduct for Court Professionals.  This code is a personal and professional pledge to that trust and to those values.  The code was developed to inspire court professionals to accept, achieve, and adhere to the canons laid out in the code.  The code is not intended to replace separate professional codes to which numerous court professionals already prescribe. It is intended to complement separate professional codes that bind court system professionals.

Educational Modules (For Members Only)

The NACM Ethics Committee has developed a series of educational modules for the use by NACM members in their courts related to Court Ethics.  Each module introduces an ethics related scenario and is designed to be used on an individual basis or in a group training environment and includes 1) PowerPoint slides; 2) Video; and 3) Facilitator notes.  These modules are available to NACM members only, but the following is provided as a preview of this value-added membership benefit.

Scenario: The Big Bounce
Technical Requirements for playing video:  Personal computer with at least 8 GB of memory and either Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Windows Media Player is needed to run video.  Note: Adobe Flash Player will also work.
Note:  Facilitator notes are provided on the Members Only section.  Please sign in to access.