Canon 1.4: Respect of Others

A court professional shall treat litigants, coworkers and all others interacting with the court with dignity, respect and courtesy.


Both this canon and canon 1.3 on fairness upholds the courts as fundamentally fair and impartial. This canon expands a topic introduced in canon 1.1. It calls us as court professionals to show dignity, respect, and courtesy to everyone interacting with the court; even the occasion does not specifically involve assigned duties. For example professionals will assist members of the public even on break or at lunch.

Other Codes

Section V (B) of the American Judicature Society’s 1989 Model Code of Conduct for Non–Judicial Court Employeesstates, “Every court employee shall carry out responsibilities as a servant of the public in as courteous a manner as possible.”

Tenet Three of the California Administrative Office of the Courts Ethics Code Guidelines requires staff to, “Behave toward all persons with respect, courtesy, and responsiveness, acting always to promote public esteem in the court system.”

Canon 1 (B) of the New Jersey Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees says, “Every court employee shall endeavor at all times to perform official duties properly, courteously, and with diligence.”


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