The Ethics Subcommittee's responsibilities include maintaining and updating the NACM Model Code of Conduct as needed, to contribute to NACM publications any relevant ethics-related issues and to research any potential issue with ethics implications as needed by the association.

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At a recent CoffeeTalk (July 2021), discussion arose around a memo by Judge Charles Kornmann of the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota regarding employees being vaccinated. Here is the article pertaining to this memo, via the Dakota Free Press.

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Courts, Testing, and Vaccinations: What Will Your Court Decide?
A Question of Ethics: A Video Conversation on Courts and Ethics
Spring 2021 Edition of the Court Manager

The Coronavirus has hamstrung our nation’s courts since March of 2020.  2021 offers hope that we may soon return to our normal lives, but it also presents new challenges.  No matter how quickly the vaccines are distributed, it appears that courts will have to keep restrictions in place for a few more months.

In this video Question of Ethics edition, a panel of court administrators from around the country discuss ethics, COVID, employee testing, and vaccinations. The panel addresses questions including:

  • How will courts deal with the continuing restrictions?
  • What is our ethical duty to our employees and to the public while the pandemic still rages?
  • How do we manage our employees who are vaccinated; how do we manage if some choose not to be vaccinated?
  • What advice does the panel have for court administrators around the country?

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