2014 Past Conference Materials

2014 Annual Conference, Juy 13-17
Embracing the Courts of the Future
Scottsdale, AZ

  Presentation Materials
                Monday, July 14
  Keynote Address: NextGen@Work: Bringing out the Best in Every Generation (Presenter: Seth Mattison)
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  Court Leadership Institute of Arizona Program Model (Presenters: Kent BattyDon JacobsonJohn Meeks, and Jeff Schrade)
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  Future of the Courts: 2025 – Looking Out on the Horizon (Presenters: Nicole GarciaPeter Kiefer, and Phil Knox)
  How Judges Are Mastering the Shift from Paper to Electronic Files (Presenters: Judge Amy Clark Meachum and Judge Mark Singer)
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  Judge-Executive Teamwork in Times of Stress (Presenters: Deni ButlerHon. Ann I. Jones and Presiding Judge David S. Wesley)
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  Keynote Follow up (Presenters: Seth Mattison)
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  MSU Caseflow Management (Presenters: Janet Cornell and Marcus Reinkensmeyer
  Collaborative Leadership: Considerations for Transitioning to Mandatory Electronic Filing (Presenters: Casey Kennedy and David Slayton)
  COSCA White Paper – To Protect and Preserve: Standards for Maintaining and Managing 21st Century Court Records (Presenters: Gregory Linhares and Nial Raaen)
  Diagnosing and Improving the Management of DUI Caseloads in Scottsdale: The High Performance Court Framework in Action (Presenter: Julie Dybas)
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  The Next Generation Courts - Planning for the Future (Presenter: Tracy "T.J." BeMent)
  Women in Trial Court Leadership: Struggles and Successes (Moderator: Chief Presiding Judge Roxanne Song-Ong Panelists: Chief Justice Rebecca BerchHon. Pamela DembeMary McQueen, and Patricia Tobias)
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  Cradle to Crayons: Dependency Case Management (Presenters: Hon. Colleen McNally and Sheila Tickle)
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  Culture of Change: After Reengineering (Presenters: Alan Carlson and Laura Klaversma)
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  The Big Bang: A Theory on Balancing the Expectations of Delivering Services in a Diverse Future (Presenters: Janet Cornell and Mark Dalton)
  Circle Peacemaking: A Timeless Practice Becomes Trendy
  Women in Trial Court Leadership: Struggles and Successes
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Tuesday, July 15
  Keynote Address: Productive Pairs- Lessons from the Ark
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  Emerging Specialty Courts: Strategies for Building Successful Partnerships
  Ethics and the Court Manager – Presiding Judge Partnership
  Managing Notorious Trials in the Media Spotlight
  Policy: The Missing Building Blocks in Technology Projects
  Sparking Lasting Caseflow Improvements: Lessons from the Trenches
  Addressing Human Trafficking
  Building and Using Electronic "Judicial Dashboards" to Reduce Case Delay
  Monetary Court Order Enforcement: A Systemic Approach
  National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE) Curriculum Resources
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  Defending Your Courtroom
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  New Self-Represented Services: Limited License Legal Technicians
  The Science Behind and Need for Evidence Based Sentencing and Probation
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Wednesday, July 16
  Moral Reconation Therapy® — An Innovative Approach to Reducing Recidivism
  Pathways to Wellness: A Blueprint for Solving Problems in the Community
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Thursday, July 17
  Keynote Address: Embracing the Courts of the Future: Why Diversity Should Matter to Courts
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  Educational Self-Help: Creating Access to Justice in a Multi-Cultural Community
  Equal Justice Through Technology
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  Facing the Challenges of an Electronic Court Environment: The Arizona Experience
  Keynote Follow up
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  Language Access: Building on Success for the Future

2014 Midyear Conference, February 9-12
Embracing the Courts of the Future
Savannah, GA


Presentation Materials
Monday, February 10  
Keynote Address: Leading for Results for 2020 and Beyond (Middleton)
Keynote Follow-Up: Civility and Diversity for 2020 and Beyond (Middleton)
The Court Administrator: Preparing Future Skills (Cornell)
Advocacy for Court Funding (Dudgeon, Erenberg, Rutledge)
Operational-Based Performance Measure: Ensuring Quality in Changing Times (Ouren)
Shared Interest Group #1: Immigration and LEP (Thoennes III)  
Shared Interest Group #2: Court Trends in 2025 (Kiefer, Cornell)
Shared Interest Group #3: Access to Justice through Court Technology (FACT)  
Future of Courts 2025: The Next Big Thing
KSA for Leading and Managing a Diverse Workplace (Roosevelt)
The Science Behind Employee Motivation (Griller)
Innovation Applied - Preparing for the Future (Chatz)
Tuesday, February 11
Keynote Address: Courts as Conversations: An Argument for Increased Engagement by Court Leaders (Graff)  
The State of New Media and the Courts: Understand, Manage, and Prepare for the Future (Davey, Salaz)
Future Trends: Courtroom Videoconferencing (Imholte, Lahey, Thoennes III)
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Courthouse Design in the City of Streets and Squares/Meeting the Next Generation of Needs for Chatham County GA (Barnard, Karpf, Sapp)
Re-engineering: A Different Perspective (Iverson, Olson)
Extrajudicial Speech: A Way for Courts to Talk to the Press in the New Media Age (Mackenzie)
Procedural Justic for Self-Represented Litigants (Slayton)
The Jetsons Go To Court (Gruen)
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