2015 Past Conference Materials

2015 Annual Conference, July 12-16
Committed To Excellence: Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
Louisville, KY

  Presentation Materials
Monday, July 13  
  Keynote Address: Ethical Intelligence (Speaker: Dr. Bruce Weinstein)
  Achieving Excellence: Walk the Talk as a Court Leader (Speaker: Janet Cornell)
  Adult Guardianship WINGS Initiatives (Presenters: David Slayton, Amanda Stites and Erica Wood)
  Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Part 1 (Speaker: Hon. Paul Herbert)
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  Innovative Courts Encourage Dissent (Speaker: Hon. Kevin Burke)
  Keynote Follow Up: The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees (Speaker: Dr. Bruce Weinstein)
  The Role of Quasi Judicial Officers (Speakers: Hon. Richard Eadie, Paul Sherfey and Mark Weinberg)
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  COSCA Policy Paper 2014: Four Essential Elements Required to Deliver Justice in Limited Jurisdiction Courts in the 21st Century (Speaker: Arthur Pepin)
  Juvenile Court Data Sharing: A Case Study and Lessons Learned (Speakers: Kevin Bowling and Sandra Metcalf)
  Making the Case for Judicial Tools (Moderator: Yolanda Lewis)(Panel: Jean Bousquet, Laurie Dudgeon, and Hon. Constance Russell)
  NACM Core (Speakers: Mark Bittner and Joseph Wheeler)
  Why Don't They Understand? Getting Beyond the Obstacles in Integrated Justice Information Systems (Speakers: Mark Bittner and Joseph Wheeler)
  Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? (Speakers: Hon. Patricia Costello and Gordy Griller)
  Active Shooter: Best Practices in Court Security (Speakers: J.D. Gingerich and Chelsea Woodall)
  Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Part 2 (Speaker: Hon. Paul Herbert)
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  Let It Go, Change Never Bothered Me Anyway (Speakers: T.J. BeMent, Dexter Thomas, and David Wasson)
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  Practical Considerations in Trying Terrorism and Other High Profile Cases (Speaker: Hon. Loretta Preska)
  Promoting Collaborative State Administrative Office and Trial Court Relationships: Do You Have What It Takes? (Moderator: Laura Klaversma)(Panel: David Boyd, Pamela Harris, David Slayton, and Patti Tobias)
  Reengineering Courts in Crisis: Lessons from Detroit (Speakers: Gordy Griller and Hon. Michael Talbot)
  Fireside Chat: 30 Year NACM Retrospective (Moderator: Scott Griffith)(Panel: Vicky Carlson, Ernie Friesen and Will Simmons)
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  From Last to First: How a Training Unit Developed Excellent Court Leaders (on a Limited Budget!) (Speakers: Hector Cuevas and Amy Smith Fisher)
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  Innovative Courts Encourage Dissent (Speaker: Hon. Kevin Burke)
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  Trauma Informed Care (Speaker: Miriam Goodman)
  Will Courts Be Customer Driven in the Future?: Managing for Superior Customer Service (peakers: Jude Del Preore and Nina Thomas)
Tuesday, July 14
  Keynote Address: Unfinished Business: Improving Justice System Governance from the Magna Carta to Today (Speaker: Ernie Friesen)
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  Building Sustainable Mental Health Courts (MHCs): Performance Based Program Standards (Speakers: Kent Batty, Marcus Reinkensmeyer and Nicole Waters)
  Continuous Improvement in Ottawa County, Michigan Circuit and Probate Courts: A High Performance Court Framework Perspective (Speakers: Kevin Bowling, Sandra Metcalf and Brian Ostrom)
  Designing and Evaluating Non-Lawyer Legal Assistance Programs (Speakers: Tom Clarke and Rebecca Sandefur)
  Developing a Capital Courts Master Plan For a Rebounding Economy (Speakers: Ryan Critchfield, Robert Fisch, Belinda Powell and Hon. Eric Shepperd)
  Ensuring Digital Continuity – What's Your Plan? (Speaker: Nial Raaen)
  Keynote Follow Up: Governance in State Courts: The Judicial Council Model (Speakers: Ernie Friesen, Tim Ostby, Jeff Shorba and Hon. Teresa Warner)
  Conducting a Caseflow Analysis and Prompt Corrective Improvements (Speakers: Hon. Patricia Costello, Ernie Friesen, Gordon Griller, and Bob Wessels)
  Cyber and Information Safeguarding – Policy and Technology (Speakers: Hon. Rocky Coss and Ashwini Jarral)
  Enhancing Court Performance through Employee Engagement: A Practical Approach (Speakers: Raymond Billotte, Danna Quinn, Cindy Reid, and Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey)
  Promoting and Expanding Language Access in State Courts (Speakers: Kathie O'Connell, Tricia Penrose and Raúl Pilling-Riefkohl)
  Reengineering to Better Serve the Self Represented: The Key to Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness in Court Operations (Speakers: Katherine Alteneder, Renee Kimball and Mike Williams)
  Shared Interest Group #1: So You Want to Speak at NACM? (Facilitator: Patricia Duggan)
  Shared Interest Group #2: Jury Managers Network (Facilitators: Paula Hanaford-Agor, and Pamela Wood)
  Shared Interest Group #3: International Court Administration (Facilitator: Norman Meyer)
  Shared Interest Group #4: Hot Topics (Facilitators: Shakeba Johnson and Alyce Roberts)
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  Shared Interest Group #5: Small, Mid-Size and Rural Courts (Facilitator: Tasha Ruth)
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  Shared Interest Group #6: Future NACM Board Members (Facilitator: Stephanie Hess and Dexter Thomas)
  Business and Complex Litigation Courts: New Approaches to Saving Time & Money (Speakers: Ray Billotte, Hon. Pamela Dembe, Hon. Frederick Horn, and Hon. Robert Moss)
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  The Courts, The Cloud and The Future (Speakers: Charles Byers, Iveta Topalova and Joseph Wheeler)
  The High Performance Court and Divorce Case Triage (Speakers: Debora Denny, Serpil Ergun, Brian Ostrom and Shannon Roth)
Wednesday, July 15    
  Know Your Red Routes! (And Other Technology Planning Tips for Today's Court Manager) (Speaker: Sue Humphreys and Chelle Uecker)  
  Link Between Happiness and Excellence (Speaker: Karen Westover)  
  Medically Assisted Treatment (Speaker: Orman Hall)  
  Financial Planning for Retirement (Speaker: James De La Torre)  
  Rebuilding (Broken?) Public Trust in State Courts (Speakers: Laurie Dudgeon, Jonathan Mattiello, and Jesse Rutledge)  
Thursday, July 16    
  Keynote Address: The Neuroscience of Decision-Making in Court Management: Part I, Defining the Challenges (Speaker: Kimberly Papillon)
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  Exposing & Correcting an American Tragedy: The Absence of Affordable, Accessible Civil Justice (Speakers: Hon. Jerome Abrams, Hon. Jennifer Bailey, and Hon. Gregory Mize)  
  How High Performing Courts Use Their Websites to Engage the Public (Speakers: Jenny Bunch, Brett Howard, Casey Kennedy and Robin Sweet)  
  Human Resources Update (Speakers: Justin Capps and Jason McGinnis)  
  Keynote Follow Up: The Neuroscience of Decision-Making in Court Management: Part II, Concrete Solutions (Speaker: Kimberly Papillon)
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  Managing Counselors and Mediators (Presenter: Billie Jo Garcia)  
  Will Courts Be Customer Driven in the Future?: Managing for Superior Customer Service (Speakers: Jude Del Preore and Nina Thomas)  
  Closing Plenary/End Note Session (Endnote speakers Sarah Brown-Clark and Janet Cornell)
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2015 Midyear Conference, February 8-10
Founded in Tradition, Focused on the Future
Lost Pines, TX

  Presentation Materials
Monday, February 9  
  Keynote Address: Integrity: The Foundation of Public Trust and Confidence (Presenter: Judge John M. Cleland)
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  Core Competence: Using Data to Demonstrate Accountability and Court Performance (Presenters: Carl Reynolds and Jessica Tyler)
  Emerging Best Practices for Addressing Human Trafficking Involved Cases in the State Courts (Presenters: Miriam Goodman, John A. Martin, Jonathan Mattielo, and Steven Weller)
  Keynote Followup: Integrity in Your Court: Just How Sure Are You? (Presenter: Judge John M. Cleland)
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  Recent Research on Self-Represented Litigants (Moderator: Renee L. Kimball; Panelists: John M. Greacen, Natalie Knowlton, and Angela Tripp)
  Shared Interest Group #3: Problem Solving Courts: Drug Courts
  What Does the Upsurge in the Numbers of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Entering the United States Mean for the State Courts? (Panelists: John A. Martin, David W. Slayton, and Steven Weller)
  You Want Justice With That? What Court Employees Need to Know (Presenter: Margaret R. Allen)
Tuesday, February 10
  Keynote Address: Keeping the Courts Relevant (Presenter: Rebecca Love Kourlis)
  Bridging the Gap: A Conversation with Non-Profits (Moderator: Scott C. Griffith; Panelists: Elaine Borakove, Rebecca Love Kourlis, Jonathan Mattielllo and Mary McQueen)
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  FACT Forum
  How Court Managers Can Improve Procedural Fairness and Performance of Court Appointed Professionals (Presenters: William M. Delisio and Holly Panetta)
  Successful Collaboration: The Challenges and Opportunities (Speakers: Madelynn Herman and Don Reinhardt)
  E-Filing and Self-Represented Litigants (Speaker: Michael L. Bridenback, Karl E. Thoennes III and Kent V. Wirth)
  Our Culture and Our Courts (Speakers: Peter C. Kiefer and Phillip Knox)
  Sovereign Citizens: Current Trends and Solutions (Presenters: Jude Del Preore, Michelle Smith, and Nina Thomas)
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  Teaching Due Process to Court Staff: How and Why? (Speaker: Nancy Fahey Smith)
  Conference Endnote (Speakers: Kevin J. Bowling and Jude Del Preore)
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