NACM Annual 2014 Videos

MONDAY, July 14


Welcome and Opening with Presentation of Colors
David W. Slayton, NACM President
Chief Justice Scott Bales, Arizona

NACM Award of Merit Presentation
Karl Thoennes, Chair, Award of Merit Committee

Conference Theme and Keynote Introduction
Michele Oken, NACM President Elect

Keynote Address: NextGen@Work: Bringing out the Best in Every Generation
Presenter: Seth Mattison
Sponsored by: CourtView




Keynote Follow-up
Presenter: Seth Mattison




Judge-Executive Teamwork in Times of Stress
Presenters: Deni Butler, Hon. Ann I. Jones and Presiding Judge Hon. David S. Wesley




COSCA White Paper: To Protect and Preserve:
Standards for Maintaining and Managing 21st Century Court Records

Presenters: Gregory Linhares and Nial Raaen




Women in Trial Court Leadership: Struggles and Successes
Moderator: Chief Presiding Judge Roxanne Song Ong
Panelists: Chief Justice Rebecca Berch, Hon. Pamela Dembe, Mary McQueen, and Patricia Tobias




Cradle to Crayons: Dependency Case Management
Presenters: Hon. Colleen McNally and Sheila Tickle




Future of Courts: 2025 - Looking Out on the Horizon
Presenters: Nicole Garcia, Peter Kiefer, and Phil Knox




How Judges Are Mastering the Shift from Paper to Electronic Files
Presenters: Judge Amy Clark Meachum and Judge Mark Singer




The Next Generation Courts - Planning for the Future
Presenters: Tracy "T.J." BeMent



Tuesday, July 15


Presenters: Michele Oken, NACM President

Keynote Introduction
Presenters: Chief Presiding Judge Roxanne Song Ong, NCMC President

Keynote Address: Productive Pairs - Lessons from the Ark
Presenters: Mary C. McQueen




Emerging Specialty Courts: Strategies for Building Successful Partnerships
Moderator: Marcus Reinkensmeyer
Panelists: Hon. MaryAnne Majestic, Hon. Michael Pollard, and Hon. Barbara Spencer




Policy: The Missing Building Blocks in Technology Projects
Presenters: Hon. Daniel Buckley and Snorri Ogata




Ethics and the Court Manager - Presiding Judge Partnership
Presenters: Peter Kiefer, Hon. Susan Sabers, and Karl Thoennes




Addressing Human Trafficking
Presenters: Peter Coolsen, Katie Crank, John A. Martin and Jonathan Mattiello




New Self-Represented Services: Limited License Legal Technicians
Presenters: Steve Crossland, Paul Sherfey, and Hon. Michael Trickey




Managing Notorious Trials in the Media Spotlight
Moderator: Paula Hannaford-Agor
Panelists: Hon. Jackie Glass, Hon. Joseph Kreamer, and Hon. Belvin Perry



Thursday, July 17


Announcements and Keynote Introduction
Stephanie Hess, NACM Vice President

Perkins Award
Karl Thoennes

Diamond Sponsors Presentation: The Electronic Court Maturity Model
Sponsored by: Tyler Technologies

Keynote Address: Embracing the Courts of the Future: Why Diversity Should Matter to the Courts
Presenter: Michael Roosevelt




Educational Self-Help: Creating Access to Justice in a Multi-Cultural Community
Presenters: Kathleen Dixon and Margaret Little





Keynote Follow-up
Presenter: Michael Roosevelt




NACM Business Meeting Luncheon and Induction of New Officers

Closing Plenary-NACM Officers