NACM Annual 2016 Videos

MONDAY, july 11


Plenary: Challenges and Solutions on Fines, Fees and Bail Practices
Speakers: Hon. Maureen O'Connor and Laurie Dudgeon




Participatory Defense: Family and Community Involvement in the Courts
Speaker: Raj Jayadev




Identifying and Responding to Court Trends: The Next Ten Years
Speakers: Phillip Knox and Peter Kiefer




State of the State Courts: 2015 Poll
Speakers: Jonathan Mattiello, Jesse Rutledge, and Stephanie Hess




Plenary: Engaging with Minority and Economically Disadvantaged Communities
Speakers: Paulette Brown and Hon. Jimmie Edwards




Reimagining Courts: A Design for the 21st Century
Speaker: Thomas Clarke




Using Court Statistics and Data Dashboards to Lead State Courts
Speakers: Kim Nieves and Amy Cesaro



Tuesday,  july 12

Plenary: Collaborative Leadership: Ferguson and Beyond
Speakers: Hon. Patricia Breckenridge, Hon. Gary W. Lynch, Hon. Booker T. Shaw, Judge (ret.)
and David Dwight IV

The Role of Court Administrators and Clerks in Developing Effective Partnerships to Close the Access to Civil Justice Gap
Moderator: Renee Danser
Panelists: Katherine Alteneder, Erica L. Woodford, Esq., and Amy M. Ross

Extending the Core to Your Court: Governance and Purposes & Responsibilities of Courts
Speakers: Kathryn Griffin, Raymond Billotte, and Jude Del Preore

Plenary: American Judicial Power: The State Court Perspective
Speakers: Michael L. Buenger and Hon. Paul J. DeMuniz

Administering the Courts in a Time of Criminal Justice Reform
Speakers: Peter Coolsen and Ali Abid

Identifying and Responding to Court Trends: The Next Ten Years
Speakers: Phillip Knox and Peter Kiefer

Wednesday,  july 13

Bail Reform in New Jersey and Elsewhere: Case Studies on the Elements Involved in
Instituting Major Change in a Statewide Court System

Speakers: Shannon DeNise-Budenas and Greg Lambard

The Conservatorship Accountability Project (CAP): Using Software and Data to Modernize Processes
Moderator: Brenda Uekert
Panelists: Cathy Boyko, Erica Costello, Jeffery Rinard, and David Boyd

The Critical Role of IT in Improving Courts: What Court Managers Should Expect –
Presented by Court Information Technology Officers Consortium (CITOC)

Speakers: Kevin Bowling, Heather Pettit, and Hon. Jonathan Hein

Criminal Cases: Caseflow Management in Trial Court and Appellate Courts
Panelists: Brian Ostrom, Scott Graves, and Nicole Waters

Thursday,  july 14

Plenary: The Moment You Can't Ignore: Using Culture to Drive Strategic Change
Speaker: Barry Dornfeld

Plenary Follow-up: Tools for Leading Loosely Coupled Systems
Moderator: Barry Dornfeld

Procedural Justice in Action: Case Studies from the Field
Speakers: Emily Gold LaGratta, John Meeks, and Tom McCaffrey

Closing Plenary: Endote
Speakers: Kate Fogarty and Jude Del Preore