NACM Midyear 2015 Videos

MONDAY, February 9


Conference Welcome and Keynote Introduction
Stephanie Hess, President Elect

Keynote Address: Integrity: The Foundation of Public Trust and Confidence
Presenter: Judge John Cleland




Emerging Best Practices for Addressing Human Trafficking Involved Cases in the State Courts
Presenters: Miriam Goodman, John A. Martin, Jonathan Mattiello, and Steven Weller




What Does the Upsurge in the Numbers of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Entering the United States Mean for the State Courts?
Panelists: John A. Martin, David W. Slayton, and Steven Weller



Recent Research on Self-Represented Litigants
Moderator: Renee L. Kimball
Panelists: John M. Greacen, Natalie Knowlton, and Angela Tripp


Core Competence: Using Data to Demonstrate Accountability and Court Performance
Presenters: Carl Reynolds and Jessica Tyler
Tuesday, February 10


Announcements and Keynote Introduction
Keynote Address: Keeping the Courts Relevant
Presenter: Rebecca Love Kourlis




How Court Managers Can Improve Procedural Fairness and Performance of Court Appointed Professionals
Presenters: William M. Delisio and Holly Panetta


Bridging the Gap: A Conversation with Non-Profits
Moderator: Scott C. Griffith
Panelists: Elaine Borakove, Rebecca Love Kourlis, Jonathan Mattiello, and Mary McQueen



Teaching Due Process to Court Staff: How and Why
Presenter: Nancy Fahey Smith




Conference Endnote
Speakers: Kevin J. Bowling and Jude Del Preore