NACM Midyear 2016 Videos

MONDAY, february 15


Keynote 1 Address: Justice for the Poor-Ensuring A Fair Judicial Process For All
Speaker: Sam Brooke




Keynote 2 Address: Perception is All There Is: How to Use Six Powerful (and Subtle)
Non Verbal Behaviors to Influence and Persuade
Speaker: Linda Talley




Employee Engagement: A Practical Approach
Speaker: Speakers: Ray Billotte, Danna Quinn, Cindy Reid and Brenda Wagenknecht-Ivey



Keynote 2 Follow-up: Impression Management: Judicious Decisions for Interacting with Others
Speakers: Linda Talley

Tuesday, February 16

Keynote Address: Pretrial Justice Reforms: A National Perspective
Speaker: Tim Murray

Meeting Technology Changes Head On: Advice From A Leadership Perspective
Speakers: Rod Olson, Chris Iverson & Dexter Thomas

Mindful Court Administrator
Speaker: Lance Wilson & Ken Gardner

Extending the NACM CORE to Your Court
Moderator: Paul DeLosh Speakers: Janet Cornell & T.J. BeMent

Meeting the Challenges of the New Civil Landscape: Recommendations for State Courts from the
CCJ Civil Justice Committee
Speakers: Sherri Carter, Paula Hannaford & Hannah Lieberman



Conference Endnote
Speaker: Kevin Bowling & Sarah Couture