NACM Midyear 2017 Videos

MONDAY, february 6


Plenary Session: Community Engagement in the State Courts
Speakers: James D. Gingrich, Hon. Jimmie Edwards, Rev. Aundreia Alexander, Esq.,
and Hon. Ronald Adrine




The End of Debtors' Prisons: Effective Court Policies for Successful Compliance with Legal Financial
Obligations (COSCA 2016 Policy Paper)

Speakers: Callie Dietz, David Boyd, and Jeff Shorba




Extending the Core® to Your Court: Public Trust and Confidence and
Public Relations

Speakers: Kathryn Griffin, Kevin Bowling, and Alfred Degrafinreid II



Our Changing Community: Trust and Confidence in a Time of Shifting Demographics
Speakers: Peter C. Kiefer and Phillip Knox



User-Friendly Courts Guide: An Essential Resource for Court Managers
Seeking to Enhance Public Trust and Confidence

Speakers: Renee Danser, Sue Humphreys, and Jim Beight



Legal Advice and Information—what managers and supervisors need to know
Speaker: John Greacen



Minimizing Bias and Improving Access to the Courts: LGBT Perspectives
Speakers: Lisa Cisneros and Ming Wong

Tuesday, February 7

Plenary: National Task Force on Fines, Fees, and Bail Practices
Speakers: Jeff Chapple, Scott Griffith, and Yolanda Lewis

Language Access Beyond the Courtroom
Speakers: Jacquie Ring and Cristina Llop

Meeting the Challenge of High-Volume Civil Dockets
Speaker: Paula Hannaford-Agor

New Issues in High-Profile Trial Management
Speakers: Beth Riggert and Rick Pierce

The Color of Justice: Promoting Public Trust and Confidence through the Improvement of
Workforce Diversity

Speaker: James D. Gingerich



Lunch and Plenary: The 100% Access Movement - What is it and Where is it going?
Speaker: Hon. Laurie D. Zelon