Information Technology Management

Vision and Leadership

Curriculum Guideline Two

Court leaders must take responsibility for Information Technology.  If the court lacks strategic vision about technology and a multi-year plan, they work with others to create them.  A court leader must be able to articulate this vision, convince others inside and outside of the judicial branch to cooperate, and  lead the management of political, policy, fiscal, and technical issues related to technology. They work with others to acquire sufficient resources and to oversee the analysis and improvement of the status quo.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to create and articulate a clear vision of how evolving technology can be applied to courts and justice systems;
  • Ability to inspire courts and their partners to use technology to improve courts and the justice system;
  • Knowledge of how effective information technology can empower the courts, the justice system, and the public;
  • Knowledge of the problems that can be addressed and capacities that can be increased with court technology;
  • Ability to assess accurately court readiness for change with respect to both the technical and human sides of change and transition;
  • Skill in working with others to use technology to enhance the quality and timeliness of justice, to provide equal and open access to the courts, to increase the accountability of judges and other court officials, and to improve the business practices of the judicial branch and their justice partners;
  • Ability to lead the use of technology by establishing direction and motivating, inspiring, and overcoming resistance to change;
  • Skill in explaining the value of multi-year technology plans and investments to judges, funding authorities, and other decision makers, including those who are not entirely technologically literate;
  • Ability to collaborate with state and local executive and legislative branches to obtain sufficient technology funding, build technology infrastructure, and integrate justice system applications;
  • Knowledge of court technology policy issues, including data dissemination, accuracy, privacy, public access, confidentiality, ownership, and security.


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