Due to the resignation of a member of the Board of Directors, the Nominations Committee is seeking candidates to fill a two-year term. To be eligible, please complete a Declaration of Candidacy Form and submit to jreid@ncsc.org by July 9, 2018. Candidacy Forms will only be accepted for the vacant two-year position at this time.

Every year NACM seeks well-qualified and eager candidates for available positions on the NACM Board. This year the Nominations Committee seeks applications for six board positions that will be filled at the annual conference this summer.

Please read the information below carefully.

The National Association for Court Management (NACM) Nominations Committee is responsible for presenting nominations for officer and director positions to the NACM members in attendance at the NACM annual meeting in July 2018. Interested candidates are asked to complete the Declaration of Candidacy form. This form is available to each qualified NACM member who is entitled to vote and hold office as defined in the NACM Bylaws, Article III, Members Section 2, Voting Rights. The Declaration of Candidacy Form can also be obtained on the NACM website and from Association Services staff with the National Center for State Courts. The Declarations of Candidacy period is open for one Director two-year term due to the resignation of a board member. Additional information about Board service is available in the NACM Bylaws, Articles VI, V, and VI. The Nominations Committee, recognizing the diversity of NACM’s membership and the need for the Board to represent that diversity, will use several criteria to evaluate candidates, including the following: • Number and type of years of court-related experience; • Number of years as a member of NACM; • Extent of involvement with NACM committees, activities, and projects; • State, court type and size; • Specific criteria based on the position for which the candidate has declared their candidacy; • Ability to attend Board meetings and otherwise fully participate in Board activities. Please note the primary criteria upon which all candidates will be evaluated will be their demonstrated involvement in NACM’s work. As you consider completing a Declaration of Candidacy, please remember you are making the following minimum time commitment: • The Board has four in-person meetings each year: one immediately before the Annual Conference, one immediately after the Annual Conference, one in the fall, and one immediately before the Midyear Conference. • In addition to Board meetings, the Board has a minimum of three conference calls each year. These calls are usually scheduled in September, January, and May and typically last two hours. • Officers have a minimum of six conference calls each year in addition to the Board calls. These are usually scheduled in August, November, December, February, April, and June and typically last two hours. • The time commitment for a Board member averages 2-3 days per month. For Board members assigned to serve as Committee Chairs, the time commitment increases and will vary with the work of the committee. As an Officer, each progressive year becomes more of a commitment. • In addition to the calls mentioned above, all Board members are expected to participate in a number of committee conference calls each month and are responsible for numerous outputs and products, all of which will vary in terms of the amount of time required to see the project to completion. The cost to attend Board meetings immediately before and after the Annual Conference is at your expense in that it is assumed you will attend the Annual Conference. The cost for your travel, per diem, and sleeping room for the Midyear and Fall Board meetings will be paid by NACM, assuming funding is available. In addition, your conference registration fee is waived for the Annual and Midyear Conferences. Any additional travel on behalf of NACM, as assigned by the President, will be paid for by NACM or the organization that has requested NACM’s attendance. To be considered for this position by the Nominations Committee, candidates are required to complete and submit the Declaration of Candidacy Form and a current résumé, both of which must be electronically date stamped before midnight, July 9, 2018. You may submit your documents via email to jreid@ncsc.org. Candidates are encouraged to contact current Board members to discuss this leadership opportunity with NACM. Board contact information is available at www.nacmnet.org under the Governance tab.

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