These guidelines provide helpful tips on how to locate the files you need and the colors and fonts used in your logo. By following these easy guidelines, you will be able to maintain the NACM brand that this logo helps to convey.

The font used for the logo is:

Open Sans - Extrabold, Semibold Italic and Italic.

Logo Files

Stacked Logo

Pantone Files

Contains a color vector .eps file. Pantone files are printer-ready for professionally printed jobs in one, two or three colors. The colors used are listed under “Color Palette.”


Contains a four-color vector .eps file, .tif file and .jpg file. CMYK files are printer-ready for color jobs that do not specify Pantone color inks.

RGB Files

Contains a color .jpg file, .png file and .tif file. RGB files are used for on-screen viewing (websites) and are used in Word documents and PowerPoint files.

Black & White Files

Contains a black/gray vector .eps file, .tif file, .jpg file and .png file. Black/gray files are used for one-color jobs or other black and white applications.

Reversed Files

Contains a white vector .eps file, .tif file and .png file. Reverse files are used for designs where the logo needs to be placed on a color background.

Stacked Logo with Tagline

Pantone Files

RGB Files

Black & White Files

Reversed Files

Brand Color Palette

7C 100M 82Y 26K
Hex# B30838
137R 34G 42B

20C 25M 30Y 59K
Hex# 635D5C
91R 85G 78B

6C 27M 100Y 12K
Hex# BE972C
190R 151G 44B

47C 4M 16Y 16K
Hex# 79A0A7
121R 160G 167B

50C 42M 6Y 16K
Hex# 6F6B52
111R 107G 82B

  • The first color listed by the swatch is the actual Pantone color. This color information is necessary for professionally printed materials.
  • The second line is the actual four-color (CMYK) build used in most print applications.
  • The third line is the Hex Number used for Internet graphics.
  • The fourth line is the RGB build used for on-screen viewing.

Uses of the different file types

.JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group (also .jpg)

Compressed image file. Used on the Web for faster loading time and sends easily in emails due to the file compression. Also used in Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

.PNG: Portable Network Graphic

Image file used for the Web. Is RGB color based and has a transparent background so logo can be placed on another color background without a white border.

.TIF: Tagged Image Format (also .tiff)

Highly compatible, high-resolution, cross-platform image file type used for printing on marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and any other smaller format items.

.EPS: Encapsulated Post Script

Original vector art, maintains quality when sized up or down in scale. Used by designers, mainly in production files. Preferred file type for any reproduction of the logo. Used when sending the logo to any vendor to produce items like signs, shirts, promotional materials and any other large output items.