Court Manager is an electronic magazine is published quarterly for members only. Each issue includes core articles on court management concerns such as caseload management, technology, personal skill development, and general management issues.

Editor: Tasha Ruth, Contact:

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Court Express is a newsletter distributed to members by email four times a year containing information about NACM events and members, as well as news from around the court community.

Editor: Jeffrey Tsunekawa, Contact:

2019 Production Schedule

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Members will periodically receive free guides on some of the latest topics in the profession. Topics range anywhere from digital records to domestic violence. To download, please visit the online NACM Store.

Guides - available complimentary in the online NACM Store for members ($10/each nonmember)
  • Court Security Guide (2005)
  • Business Continuity Management Mini Guide (2006)
  • Making the Verbatim Court Record (2007)
  • Achieving and Sustaining the Green Court (2009)
  • The NACM Media Guide for Today's Courts (2010)
  • 4th National Symposium on Court Management (2011)
  • Fundamental Thinking for High-Performing Courts (2012/2013)
  • Adult Guardianship Guide (2014)
  • A Guide to Human Trafficking for State Courts (2014)
  • A Guide to Technology Planning for Court Managers (2014)
  • Core in Practice (2015)
  • Court Administration: A Guide to the Profession (2016)
  • Creating a User-Friendly Court Structure and Environment (2016)
  • Electronic Records Management Guide for the Judiciary (2017)
  • Domestic Violence Guide (2017)
  • Plain Language Guide (2019)
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