Mentoring is a partnership between an experienced NACM member (the Mentor) and a NACM member in good standing (the Mentee) who desires additional professional knowledge, expertise or guidance. The partnership is based on trust, respect, confidentiality and adherence to the NACM model code of conduct for court professionals. Through mentoring, the Mentor will guide, support, answer questions, provide referrals, and share experiences and known opportunities with the Mentee.

Benefits of Mentoring

The program offers many benefits to the Mentor, Mentee and NACM organization including, but not limited to

Program Overview

The NACM Mentor program is designed to connect new and existing members to NACM, its leadership, benefits and service opportunities, and creating mutually beneficial relationships to enhance the participants' professional and personal development. The program aims to facilitate communication of the values, vision and mission of NACM through a one-to-one relationship while supporting professional development and enhancing leadership competencies.

Pairing of Mentor and Mentee

Mentors and Mentees are paired based on common career background, experience and special interests. Every attempt is made to pair Mentees with an appropriate Mentor based on the application process and statement of need. A system has been incorporated in the program in the event that an initial match or ongoing relationship is not satisfactory. The Mentor and Mentee may turn to the Program Chair for guidance and assistance. Unsatisfactory mentoring relationships may be terminated at any time during the one year period by contacting the Program Chair. An attempt will be made to match the Mentor with another Mentee, although normally re-matching will only be undertaken during the first six months of the program.


The information provided by the Mentee and Mentor on their application is considered confidential and will only be reviewed by the Mentor Committee. Likewise, all written and oral communication between Mentors, Mentees, and Mentor Committee is confidential and will not be disclosed without mutual consent. Concerns regarding confidentiality should be referred to the Chair of the Membership Committee.


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