Core Competencies

What Court Leaders Should Know and Be Able To Do

The National Association for Court Management has developed Curriculum Guidelines to define Core Competencies for presiding and supervising judges, court managers and court administrative staff.  To begin, choose one of the competencies below from the chart, or from the menu on your left.

This new set of educational tools and guidelines is helping court managers come to grips with what they need to know and be able to do to meet the needs and functions of their court and professional organization.

Each Core Competency succinctly presents basic, advanced and cutting-edge Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) in three steps:

  • INTRODUCTION: What This Core Competency Is and Why It Is Important;

  • CURRICULUM GUIDELINES SUMMARY: What Court Managers Should Know and Be Able To Do; and,

  • CURRICULUM GUIDELINES - For each Core Competency, required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are organized in five to eight Curriculum Guidelines:

These are guidelines for a lifetime of learning.  

Each Core Competency also includes self assessment.