Court Manager Advertising Schedule - 2018

Spring edition (vol. 33/1) ad space reservation deadline: Monday, February 12
Summer edition (vol. 33/2) ad space reservation deadline: Thursday, April 19
Fall/Conference edition (vol. 33/3) ad space reservation deadline: Friday, August 24
Winter edition (vol. 33/4) ad space reservation deadline: Friday, November 2

Advertising Rate Sheet

Contact Stacey Smith ( / 757.259.1816) for more information or to discuss placing an ad.

Website/Online Advertising

The National Association for Court Management is offering  seven (7) website advertising opportunities on their Core Competencies page (the most visited content on the site).

The Core Competencies are those skill sets identified as essential background for any successful court manager. These pages are by far the most visited on the NACM website, with the following typical statistics:

CONFERENCES average monthly hits 1,630

CORE COMPETENCIES average monthly hits 4,334

Annual pages views for all Core Competencies 52,007

Here are the terms and conditions of this web advertising offer:

COST: $2,000

DURATION: Ad to run for one (1) year from the date of order

PLACEMENT: On the NACM Core Competencies intro page

CONTENT: A framed box indicating “Proud sponsors of NACM’s Website (or
words to this effect) and the company logos with embedded hyperlink, in a size compatible with the space allowed, and listed in the order of commitment of sponsorship. Ad placement on the Core Competencies page will be at the top of page. Subsequent core competency page Ads to be displayed under the right side navigation red box (locations subject to change).

OTHER TERMS: This offer is extended to original sponsor only and not transferable
in the event of sale of the company during the one (1) year duration of the ad placement. NACM may offer banner advertising at a future time on the website with differing costs and terms, but this offer is exclusive and subject to the cost and terms as described herein.

Contact Stacey Smith ( / 757.259.1816) for more information or to discuss placing an ad.