Membership Information

Regular membership in the National Association for Court Management is open to anyone serving in any court management, consulting, educational, or research capacity. Additional membership classes include associate, student, honorary, retired, and sustaining members. NACM is a 501(c)(3) organization. Memberships run for one year from join date, not on a calendar year of January through December.

Membership Benefits

NACM members receive the following:

  • Reduced registration fees for NACM's annual and midyear conferences.
  • Court Manager, published quarterly, provides members with useful articles and research specifically covering issues relevant to court managers.
  • Court Express, published bimonthly, contains information on NACM projects and keeps members informed of changes in the profession and news from around the court community.
  • An annual guide that provides in-depth information about a hot topic in court administration.
  • Priority attention from the Research Division of the National Center for State Courts.
  • Surveys on a wide range of topics of interest to the practicing court manager.
  • Networking with professionals who share your values, concerns, and interest in improving the quality of justice.

Membership Opportunities

To learn about NACM membership opportunities, visit the Membership Opportunities page.

Membership Categories and Rates

Regular Any person who works in a court or government setting; e.g., serving as clerk of court, court administrator or in any court management, court education, court research or judicial officer capacity may become a Regular member upon the payment of dues.  Regular members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.*
Associate Any consultant or vendor or other person that is interested in the improvement of the administration of justice may become an Associate member upon the payment of dues.  Associate members may not vote or hold office, but may serve on committees.
Retired Upon retirement from the judicial system, any Regular member in good standing is eligible for this class of membership upon the payment of dues. Retired members may vote and serve on committees, but they shall not hold office.
Student Any new member enrolled full-time or part-time in a degree program in the fields of court administration, business administration, public administration, law, criminal justice, or other related fields may become a Student member upon the payment of dues. Once an individual joins the Association as a Student member, Student member status may continue as long as proof of enrollment is provided annually. Student members may not vote or hold office, but may serve on committees.

Complete Student Addendum as proof of enrollment.
Sustaining Any person, or persons, firm, or corporation interested in furthering the goals of this organization. Benefits include: company name listed in Court Manager magazine, advertising discounts, and member conference rate for up to three attendees at the NACM Midyear and Annual conferences.

*International members receive all publications electronically.
The eMembership category is no longer available.

Ways to SAVE on regular and associate memberships:

  • Consider a multi-year membership and save $15 per year!