Membership Opportunities

On this page   you will find information on the following member opportunities:


Board Elections

Interested in declaring your candidacy for a board position?  The National Association for Court Management always needs involved members to declare their candidacy for the board and open officer positions.  Each year new board and officer positions open for elections.  To find out who the current board members and officers are and their term click here.  Candidates are required to complete the “Declaration of Candidacy” form. Members can also nominate someone to a board position. Required forms and additional information on board candidacy are available online.

Committees and How to Get Involved

Committees  provide a great opportunity to get involved in NACM and network with other court professionals from around the country.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, email the committee chair and they will add you to the committee roster.  You will then start to receive meeting notifications.  Most committees meet by conference call once per month and then meet at the annual conference.

Conference Session Recordings

Have you missed a NACM conference or enjoyed a speaker and wished you could view the session again? You're in luck! Thanks to funding from the State Justice Institute (SJI), we have recorded many workshops and keynote addresses, and you can view them here on the website. This is an amazing opportunity to share some of the sessions with your local court as well!

Early Career Professionals

ECP Fact Sheet

Early Career Professionals (ECP) Subcommittee:  The NACM Board approved the creation of the ECP committee as a special committee of NACM per Article VII, Section 4 of the NACM Bylaws.

Definition of the Early Career Professional:  Early Career Professional (ECP):  “An Early Career Professional (ECP) shall be any NACM member who has either (a) ten or fewer years of experience in a court or as a judicial branch professional, or (by) is less than 40 years of age.”

Goals of subcommittee

  • Encourage ECP’s to view judicial administration as a profession and career instead of just a job;
  • Retain ECP membership by encouraging ECP active participation in NACM;
  • Provide ECPs with career development resources, which will include coordination with state associations as appropriate;
  • Inform ECPs about the NACM membership mentoring program;
  • Pursue expansion opportunities for growth within the ECP membership.

Benefits of being an ECP

  • Reduced conference rates
  • Welcome conference sessions designed to provide conference information, networking, and knowledge of other NACM membership opportunities.
  • Volunteer opportunities at conferences
  • NACM Membership and Early Career Professional Video

For more information contact Sarah Couture, ECP Committee Chair at


Interested in more online tools to help you manage ethical issues in your offices?  View our ethics page and the Cannon Code of Ethics.  There are also videos available to assist you in training staff in your local courts.


Through a partnership with the National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (NCBC), NACM members can access a number of insurance options. Join the NCBC as an adjunct member, and you become eligible for the following:

Jobs in the Court Community

NACM members have access to a listing of court community jobs maintained by the National Center for State Courts.

Justice Degree Programs

Interested in advancing your career and education?  The following links contain information about Justice Programs available around the country:

(does not encompass all programs available) 



  • You receive the Court Manager, published quarterly, which provides members with useful articles and research specifically covering issues relevant to court managers.
  • You receive Court Express, published bi-monthly, which contains “nuts and bolts” information on court projects, while keeping members informed of changes and resources in the profession.
  • Priority attention from the Research Division of the National Center for State Courts.
  • Surveys on a wide range of topics and interests affecting the practicing court manager.
  • Reduced conference fees to NACM’s midyear and annual conferences.
  • Networking with professionals who share your values, concerns, and interest in improving the quality and administration of justice.

Check out our membership video!

Download our membership brochure in English or Spanish.

Is your association on our Dual Membership Partners List?

Dual Membership Discount Program Application

Insurance Benefits (offered through a partnership with NCBC - see Insurance above)


NACM Mentor Program

Mentoring is a partnership between a seasoned and experienced NACM member (the Mentor) and a NACM member in good standing (the Mentee) who desires additional professional knowledge, expertise or guidance.  The partnership is based on trust, respect, confidentiality and adherence to the NACM model code of conduct for court professionals.  Through mentoring, the Mentor will guide, support, answer questions, provide referrals, and share experiences and known opportunities with the Mentee.  More on NACM Mentoring »

Contact Jeffrey Tsunkekawa at 

Merchandise Store

NACM offers shirts, sweaters and other memorabilia.  To go to our online store, click here.


For more information on either award, contact:
Coordinator, ICM Fellows Program
National Center for State Courts, 300 Newport Avenue, Williamsburg, VA 23185
(800) 616-6160, FAX (757) 564-2053

  • Conference scholarships may be awarded to NACM members to attend the annual conference. The availability of conference scholarships will be determined annually by the NACM Board of Directors. An email will be distributed prior to the annual conference informing membership if scholarships will be made available and providing an opportunity to apply. An announcement will also appear under Latest News on the NACM website.

State Associations

NACM developed a State Associations subcommittee in order to help bring state associations together.  The State Associations subcommittee provides:

  • A forum for State Associations to learn from one another in order to maintain a strong, viable association.
  • An opportunity for all state association presidents to gather at the annual conference in order to educate and share ideas with one another.
  • An opportunity to share conference speakers with one another.
  • An opportunity to educate and develop leadership skills.
  • More recently, NACM has been working with state associations to develop a dual membership between the local association and NACM.

For more information, go to State Associations or contact Will Simmons, State Associations Committee Chair -


Technical Assistance (free)

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at the annual or mid-year conferences?  There are many opportunities to get involved.  If you want to advance your leadership and public speaking skills, consider hosting or reporting for an education session.  Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Fun Run
  • Host and Reporter for conference educational sessions
  • Social Events
  • Serving at the registration table
  • Welcome NACM members to the conference


Webinars are hosted four times a year and free to all NACM members.  Webinars are short, one hour informational sessions which are provided via the internet and phone.  Previous webinars have included topics such as:

  • Social Media and the Courts
  • Ethics
  • Emergency Planning and Disaster Readiness for your Court
  • LGBTQ Considerations for the Court
  • The Court Administrator: A Guide to the Professsion

Watch for emails on upcoming NACM webinars and invite others from your court to attend.