All session videos listed below can be viewed for credit towards the CORE Champion Certificate Program. 
If you wish to obtain credit, please complete the Structured Response Test (SRT) linked under each video.

CORE Leadership Webinar

Best Practices for Equitable and Inclusive Hiring

Can We Lead Leaders to an Ethical Tomorrow?

Is Your Workforce Sustainable

Onboarding: How to Set Up Your New Hires for Success

Advanced Governance

Accountability and Court Performance

Caseflow 101: Essential Court Management Strategies

Court Governance 101

Making DEI Real

Budget and Fiscal Management

Public Relations

COVID-19: Caseflow Catalyst: Part 2

Caseflow and Workflow: Part 1

Courts and the Pandemic: Are We at an Ethical Crossroads?

Workforce Management Session 2

Workforce Management Session 1

Redesigning Education for the Virtual World

The Kitchen Sink of Court Administration

Purposes of Courts – The Challenges

Public Trust and Confidence

The Leadership Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

The Leadership Competency – Being a Resilient Leader

Tools, Strategies, and Best Practices for Strategic Visioning and Planning

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