2020 Midyear Conference

Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina, February 9-11, 2020, for two and a half days of education, networking, and innovative ways to ensure justice in our communities!


The Westin Charlotte
601 S College Street
Charlotte NC 28202

Conference Rate: $192 + Tax

You will receive information to reserve your hotel room after you register for the conference.


Conference Registration is now open!

A limited amount of conference scholarships may be available for NACM Members in good standing. More information will be posted on nacmconference.org.


For generations, courts have been an integral as well as vital component of our three branches of government.  Our founding fathers devoted considerable effort and time debating the need for checks and balances.  This resulted in the inherent powers courts have today.  This necessitates that judges and court personnel recognize their duty to hold themselves to the highest standards.  This duty not only extends to our system of government but also in service to our customers – citizens and non-citizens alike.  Society relies on our courts to be impartial, fair and accessible to all those seeking justice in settling their disputes.

Courts must be involved on issues of reform all the while working with other branches of government and their communities to ensure access to justice is not just a platitude but is real and achievable.  As a profession of court professionals, NACM promotes the sharing of best practices, innovations and insights on the management of our courts.

For more information on the conference theme and expected topics, click here.

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