2013 Annual Conference Videos

Session Time Speakers
Welcome and Opening 8:15-9:00 Pamela Q. Harris, NACM President; Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson, Supreme Court of Texas; Duane Delaney, NACM Membership Committee; Stephanie Hess, NACM Membership Committee; David W. Slayton, NACM President Elect 
Keynote Address: Disruptive Tech: What's New, What's Coming & How It Will Change Everything 9:00-10:00 David Pogue
*Doing More with Less: Using Remote
Interpretation to Provide Language Access
10:15-11:45 Matt Benefiel, Tom Clarke,
Ervin Dimeny, and Marcus Reinkensmeyer
Addressing Human Trafficking in the
State Courts
10:15-11:45 John Martin, Marla Moore,
David Slayton, and Steven Weller
*Court Operations Decisions Support System Initiative at Orange County Superior Court 1:45-3:15 Snorri Ogata and Paul Wieser
Embracing the Auto Clerk and Preserving Procedural Fairness 1:45-3:15 Michele Curry and Michelle Norhausen
Managing Probate Courts: How the New National Probate Court Standards Can Help 3:30-5:00 David English, Richard Van Duizend, and Mike Wood
Balanced Performance Management 3:30-5:00 Kate Fogarty and Susan Love
Keynote Introduction; Keynote Address:
Brain Drain: Easing the Pain of Transferring Knowledge to the Next Generation of Court Workers
9:15-10:15 David W. Slayton, NACM President Elect; Roger A. Hall
Leadership 2.0: Energy Leadership, a Path to Court Management 2.0 10:30-12:00 Mark Schall
Expanding Differentiated Case Management: Triaging Services for Self-Represented Litigants 10:30-12:00 Tom Clarke, Susan Ledray, Snorri Ogata and Richard Zorza
Building Staff Capacity to Assist Self-Represented Litigants and Manage a Self-Represented Caseload 1:15-2:45 Bonnie Rose Hough and Richard Zorza
Safeguarding the Assets of Vulnerable Persons Under Court Jurisdiction 1:15-2:45 Cate Boyko, Sherilyn Hubert, and Michael Moriarity
Announcements and Special Award; Announcements and Keynote Introduction 8:30-9:00 Pamela Q. Harris, NACM President; Michele Oken, NACM Vice President
Keynote Address:  The Twenty Five Hour Day 9:00-10:15 Randy Anderson
Building Your Leadership Credentials for the Future: Moving You and the Profession Forward 10:15-11:45 Maureen Conner and Anne Wallace
Mindful Decision Making 10:15-11:45 Kevin Burke, Pamela Casey, and Judge Steve Leben
Closing Plenary 1:15-1:45  
NACM Business Meeting Luncheon and Induction of New Officers