NACM Annual 2017 Videos


Keynote Panel Presentation: The Challenge of Excellence on a Global Scale: Chief Justice Perspectives from Around the World
Speakers: Mary McQueen, Justice John Minton, Kenneth Benjamin, MA Yuanjie



Extending the Core to Your Court- Caseflow Management and Resources, Budget & Finance
Speakers: Alfred Degrafinreid, Kathy Griffith, Greg Lambard



National Task Force on Fines, Fees, and Bail Practices – Resources, Tools and Challenges
Speakers: Dave Byers, Laurie Dudgeon, David Slayton



The (un)Balanced Life
Speaker: Pierre Quinn



New Guidelines for Public Access to Court Records: What has Changed?
Speakers: Tom Clarke, Kevin Iwersen



The Evidence Behind Effective Customer Service: Procedural Justice and Fair Treatment
Speakers: Margaret Allen, Emily Gold LaGratta



Innovative Strategies for Assessing Risk in Domestic Violence Cases and Obtaining Access to Justice
Speakers: Julieta Marotta, Robyn Mazur



Plenary: Justice Demands The Best You
Speaker: Pierre Quinn





Plenary: The Power of Culture: Working Together to Achieve Justice
Speaker: Jon Rapping



Court Leader Excellence: Competencies and Roles (NACM Guide and CORE*)
Speaker: TJ BeMent, Janet Cornell



How Court Administrators as Public Servants Can Engage the Public
Speaker: Karen Freeman-Wilson



Plenary Panel: International Framework for Court Excellence and the High Performance Court Framework: Contrasts and Comparisons
Speakers: Pim Albers, Violaine Autheman, Dan Hall, Matthew Kleiman, Gregory Reinhardt




Implicit Bias: How Our Amazing Brains Can Lead Us Astray
Speaker: Kelly Tait




Plenary Follow Up: Traveling the Path to Court Excellence
Speakers: Kevin Bowling, Danielle Fox, Dan Hall, Christina Malia, Jennifer Marie


Community Engagement in the State Courts: Learn About the Tools Developed to Engage with Minority and Disadvantaged Communities
Speakers: Amy Quinlan, Nina Hess Hsu, Joseph Hamm


How can you Fix your Guardianship System? Lessons from National and State Reform Efforts
Speakers: Brenda Uekert, Jeffrey Rinard, Cate Boyko



Succeed Through Achievement and Resilience – An Alternative Program for Minor Victims of Sex Trafficking
Speaker: Catherine Pratt


How Equal Will We Be? The Future Focus of Access to Justice
Speakers: Anne Wallace, Philip Knox, Peter Kiefer


Effective Juror Orientation
Speaker: Paula Hannaford-Agor


Trauma Awareness and Resilience Strategies for Work and for Life
Speaker: Shaun Floerke



Plenary: Courts Disrupted: How Technology and Innovation have the Power to Improve as Well as Disrupt Court Business Practices
Speakers: Margaret Hagan, David Slayton


Plenary: Change! Emerging Trends Impacting the Administration of Justice Around the World
Speaker: Gary Marchant