Board Candidacy & Nominations

2017-2018 Board Candidacy and Nominations Process

Every year NACM seeks well-qualified and eager candidates for available positions on the NACM Board.  This year the Nominations Committee seeks applications for six board positions that will be filled at the annual conference this summer.

There were no submissions received for President-Elect Officer position. Therefore, all vacant Board positions have been reopened.  Please read the information below carefully.

Again this year, NACM members at large may nominate other members for board positions. Members who are nominated for Board positions will be notified of their nominations and will have a nine-day period during which they can decide whether to file a Declaration of Candidacy. Members may still self-nominate themselves for board positions by filing a Declaration of Candidacy.

The process for screening of applicants will include the use of supplemental questions posed to the nominees, review of applications, telephone interviews, and other evaluation measures. Through this enhanced screening process, the Nominations Committee will identify “finalists” for in-person interviews to be held on Sunday, July 9 prior to the annual conference.

All candidates are encouraged to view NACM video on becoming a board member.

Revised Nominations Timeline for 2017-2018 Board Selection Process:

·           May 24, 2017 – Deadline for filing Nomination of Candidate form to nominate members for board positions

·           June 2, 2017 – Deadline for filing Declaration of Candidacy form

·           Mid-June, 2017 – Telephone interviews

·           June 23, 2017 – Deadline for completion of pre-interview process and setting of in-person interviews

·           July 9, 2017 – In-person interviews and recommendations of the Nominations Committee

NACM members who wish to run for a position on the NACM 2017-2018 Board of Directors must complete the Declaration of Candidacy form which is available online along with information about the responsibilities of Board members. The deadline to submit the Declaration of Candidacy form is June 2, 2017.

If you previously submitted an application, it is still considered received.  If you wish to modify your Declaration of Candidacy in order to be considered for more than one Officer or Director position, you may re-submit the second page only of the Declaration of Candidacy form. 

» Download the Declaration of Candidacy form

» Download the Nomination of Candidate form