Welcome to the

Core® Champion Program

The purpose of the CORE® Champion Program is four-fold:

  • strengthen court professionals
  • provide greater exposure to the CORE®
  • recognize attendance at qualified CORE® sessions and
  • allow participants to demonstrate basic understanding on the 13 CORE® Competencies

To become a CORE Champion, one must be a member, attend qualified sessions, and complete a structured response form. The CORE Committee tracks completion of these forms and will issue certificates at various points in the program.  Once a member has attended a session for each section of the CORE they will need to write a short essay for review by the committee. If this essay is approved, one would be awarded the CORE Champion certificate.

Why should I become a CORE Champion?
The CORE Champion program recognizes members for attending or viewing a qualified session. The various certificates of completion are a tangible accomplishment that court professionals can share with their funding authorities, utilize as a resume booster, or hang on their wall. It allows court staff to demonstrate a basic knowledge of each section of the CORE.
How do I register or enroll?
This program is a NACM members-only benefit. Members either attend a conference (in-person or virtually) or watch a qualified session to begin their journey to become a CORE Champion. Qualified sessions and their corresponding structured response tests are found in our Core Champions video library.
How is my attendance recorded? How do I obtain credit?
After attending or watching a recorded session you would complete the corresponding structured response test. If you attend in-person the structured response test will be located in the conference application. If you are watching the session posted on our qualified sessions page the structured response test will be linked with the video.
Can I go back and review sessions that have already occurred?
Yes, all qualified sessions and their structured response tests are posted in the Core Champions video library.
How do I get credit?
Each qualified session has a corresponding structured response test. This “test” has a question that the attendee will need to answer relating to the session that they attended. This form is submitted to CORE@nacmnet.org and the response is reviewed for credit by a small working group. You will receive a confirmation email that credit has been given once the response is reviewed.
Which certificates can I earn while participating in the CORE® Champion Program?
Completing a session is defined as attending/viewing as session, submitting the assigned structured response test, and receiving approval for credit from the CORE® Champion review team.
CORE® Explorer Complete one session from each module
CORE® Principle Specialist Complete sessions from all competencies within the Principle module (2)
CORE® Practice Specialist Complete sessions from all competencies within the Practice module (8)
CORE® Vision Specialist Complete sessions from all competencies within the Vision module (3)
CORE® Champion Complete sessions for all thirteen competencies of the CORE® and submit a short essay
What happens when I complete the CORE® champion program?
When you have completed a session for each of the curriculum you can apply to be a CORE Champion. This form will be emailed to you once you have completed a session from each curriculum. The form will require you to write a short essay regarding what you have learned and how you will apply it in your court. This submission will be reviewed by the CORE Committee. If approved, you will receive the final CORE Champion certificate. Your essay may also be published in the Court Express or the Court Manager.