International Outreach


International Outreach and Projects

NACM recognizes the importance of reaching out to international partners to promote the importance of court administration worldwide. To organize those efforts, NACM has created an International Committee to serve as a point of contact for other countries and project leaders seeking contacts and administrators to provide specialized technical assistance (International Committees Role).

For more information about NACMs commitment to forging international partnerships please take a look at our brochure.

If you are already part of an association we encourage you to review the Guidelines for Open World International Hosting as well as the related FAQ document to gain insight on successful hosting initiatives.

International Committee's International Court Management  Resource Guide PDF/Word

Building an Association

NACM has an over 40-year history as an association and seeks to help other professionals world wide develop their own thriving organizations NACM operates through a set of NACM Bylaws and a NACM Operations Manual. Please take an opportunity to review our Governance page for additional information about the NACM Board, our Strategic Plan as well as Financials.