May 16th, 2023, NACM Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast Episode

It was not that long ago that the phrase “you’re lucky to have a job” was powerful advice.  Nowadays, employers across multiple business sectors are complaining of unfilled staff positions.  Shortages of teachers and restaurant workers immediately come to mind.  On the other hand, just lately we are once again hearing about massive layoffs.  Google, Meta, Disney, and Amazon have all recently laid off workers.

  • Has the balance of power between job applicants and employers shifted?
  • Has it shifted in favor of the applicants?
  • If it has, will it last?

This month we are looking at courts and the hiring crisis.  Do job candidates right now hold the upper hand in the hiring process, and how are courts coping?

Today’s Panelists

  • Dana Bartocci, Human Resources and Development Director for the Minnesota State Judicial Branch
  • Beth Urban, Human Resources Director for the South Dakota State Court System in Pierre, South Dakota
  • Vicky Bartholomew, Minor Judiciary Administrator, West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Nick Sudzina, Court Administrator for the 10th Judicial Circuit Court in Bartow, Florida

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