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Managing the multigenerational workplace is more demanding today than ever before. Why has it become such a challenge? One reason is that we are living and working longer. Today, we can expect to live 18 years longer (79 years old) than if we were born in 1935. Second, technology is changing our lives and the rate of that change is increasing. Once, just being a 30-year veteran of an organization made you a valued expert. Today, we value the technological skills to master artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and social media. Does assigning traits to the different generations help or hurt in managing the workplace? What insights do we have for today’s managers with up to four generations working side-by-side? Zenell Brown, Alisa Shannon, Rene Armenta, and Kelly Hutton discuss what it means to oversee a court with so many different age groups working together.

This is an absorbing podcast episode for listeners curious about generational differences, managing the generations, courts, and court administration.

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