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November 21st, 2023, NACM Court Leader’s Advantage Podcast Episode

Suburban and rural courts often face distinctive issues. These issues are different from those of truly small courts, but also different from the issues faced by massive metropolitan court organizations. It is tempting to always talk about big problems in big courts. It is easy to forget that two-thirds of the courts in our country are benches made up of fewer than 10 judges.

Today’s episode is going to revisit a relatively recent phenomenon: remote hearings. But it is going to look at it from the perspective of courts that are sometimes overlooked: suburban and rural courts.

As recently as 2019, remote hearings were an oddity. Few courts offered them; few parties asked for them. Then came COVID and remote hearings became a regular part of many court calendars. The long-term future of remote hearings is still a question mark. Most litigants, attorneys, and the general public seem to enjoy the convenience of appearing remotely. Judges seem less enthusiastic. Appearance rates are up; more cases are being cleared. But, technology glitches, scheduling problems, and the casual nature with which some litigants treat remote hearings dampens that support. How do suburban and rural courts address the challenges that come with remote hearings.

Here to discuss this issue are:

  • Angie VanSchoick: Town Clerk and Court Administrator for the Municipal Court in the town of Silverthorne, Colorado
  • Stacey Fields: Court Administrator for the Municipal Court in Crestwood, Missouri
  • Danielle Trujillo: Court Administrator for the Municipal Court in the City of Littleton, Colorado, and
  • Frank Maiocco: Court Administrator for the Superior Court in Kitsap County, Washington

Click here to listen to the podcast. Audio is 38 minutes 26 seconds and the video is 40 minutes 27 seconds.

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